Le Choix des grand-mères

À première vue, un panel de grand-mères à une compétition de startups pourrait sous entendre que “Si une grand-mère comprend ton concept, n’importe qui le comprendra.”

360x270 Grandmother awardSi c’est ce que vous assumez, vous avez tort. Dotées de dizaines d’années d’expérience en détection d’ânerie, Les juges grand- mères de Startupfest anéantirons un mauvais pitch. Cette année, elles sont de retour et plus en forme que jamais.

Vous les reconnaissez peut-être comme les juges qui ont choisi Onavo — la startup qui a éventuellement été acquise par Facebook pour la modique somme de $150 millions — comme gagnant unanime du Choix des grand-mères en 2012. Ou peut-être vous souvenez-vous du Choix de 2015, Revols, le fabriquant d’écouteurs sans-fil sur-mesure qui a récemment levé $2.5 millions sur Kickstarter.

Le Choix des grand-mères est l’un des prix les plus convoités à Startupfest. C’est pourquoi des centaines d’entrepreneurs font la file pour faire leur pitch dans leur tente. Ces femmes reconnaissent une bonne idée (ou une mauvaise) à des milles et des milles, et ils ne gardent rien pour eux.

Les gagnants du prix (non-cash) des grand-mères ne repart peut-être pas plus riche; mais ils auront sans aucun doute confirmé la valeur de leur idée et acquis des conseils indispensables. Alors, si vous en avez le courage, venez tester votre idée en la pitchant aux grand-mères dans leur tente, au coeur de notre village des tentes, jeudi et vendredi les 13-14 juillets en après-midi.

Voici les juges grand-mères pour Startupfest 2017:



Grandmother is a title Brenda wears with pride. She says she has finally come to the stage where she is almost always right! Brenda’s journey has been long and arduous. First, she had to complete her schooling- BA and B’Ed from McGill. After graduation, she realized she wouldn’t be doing children any favours by pursuing teaching, so she morphed into a Real Estate Entrepreneur. First as a developer and administrator and later as a Real Estate Broker specializing in properties in the west end and downtown core of Montreal. Brenda LOVES to travel, and especially loves her winters away from the cold. She’s also working on getting her fourth hole-in-one! Brenda feels that she can spot a good new Startup and is excited about the forthcoming festival.


Doreen Rouse Croll was born in England. She has an Honours Degree in Zoology with a Special Honours in Parasitology from Imperial College, London University and a Diploma in Education form McGill. Before retirement, Doreen taught in England, California and Montreal. Her two greatest achievements are here at Startupfest!



Born in Cairo, Egypt, Sonia obtained a B.A. in Psychology from Concordia University and a Masters in Industrial Relations from l’Université de Montréal. For years she’s owned and operated a special events company in Montreal. In her spare time, Sonia enjoys playing bridge, completing crossword puzzles and swimming. Sonia is proud grandmother of 5!



Born and raised in Montreal, Marilyn graduated from both Concordia University and Sir George Williams University. Since then she’s worked in sheet metal manufacturing as a buyer and in the customer service for many years. Marilyn is also passionate about life itself; she has developed an artistic side that involves painting and photography, has pursued the arts in the US and Mexico and enjoys travelling for pleasure. In her free time she loves to read, dabble on the computer or just sit on a beach listening to the waves rolling in. Marilyn is a proud grandmother of one!

Pearl’s latest work experience since 1979 is with her family companies which were Abattoir Laurentien, a poultry slaughterhouse, numerous poultry for meat farms, in the St. Sophie area; as well as a poultry feed mill in St. Jerome and an egg producing farm in Drummondville. She worked as General Manager and President since 1988. During that time she served on the Board of directors of Canadian Poultry and Egg processors Council and on the Board of Chicken Farmers of Canada She worked during the 70’s for a mortgage banker and as a career school administrator in Philadelphia. Her education is master of business administration, she is married, with a son and two granddaughters.