Meet the 7 startups who will vie for best onstage pitch

After sifting through hundreds of applications, and incredibly innovative companies- We’re ready to announce the 7 startups that will pitch onstage at the Festival and vie for “Best Onstage Pitch”.


 Party On Demand – Los Angeles, CA

Party on Demand, allows the consumer to order a complete party with food, beverages and entertainment in One hour or less.
My father died from HIV & CANCER, my best friend and co -founder’s father, died from a sudden heart-attack.
Both of our fathers would always preach “CELEBRATE LIFE” more often. They both would take opportunities to celebrate life as much as possible at every milestone wether big or small. The source of inspiration behind our company, is our dads. PARTY ON DEAMND mission is to help people “Celebrate life” more. So the Best way to do that is to create a AIRBNB for Party supply rentals.That’s Exactly what we did. We launched in Analog/Stealth mode with a goal of doing 100 parties. We have now done 212 parties and counting. – Waterloo, ON

Vimix is a way for Brands to easily capture and distribute user-generated content around their products and services, while turning their customers into marketers.

There is tons of content out there about your brand and products, but the key problem however is that there is no structured way for brands to manage or influence this content. What we do at Vimix is not only help automate research what’s out there but also help generate more content in a moderated way.

With various tools, Vimix automates user-generated video content management for your brand – to enhance brand awareness and influence buying decisions.

Ferst Digital – Montreal, QC

Ferst Digital is building a mobile-first banking platform that helps startups and small businesses bank, manage their finances, and integrate all of their financial products right from their bank account. To do so, we’re partnering up with a fully-licensed bank in order to create a new business banking alternative for Canadian businesses.

Our team is anchored around a common purpose. We are dedicated to making Canadian startups and small business more successful. We want to eliminate the busywork and pain that Canadian small business owners are burdened with through their financial management and banking. We are doing this so that they can get back to doing what they love – building their businesses.

Everything, from our design to our business model, is built around the needs and interests of small businesses. We believe that’s the way it should be. We are building a banking platform for the world we know will emerge over the next decade. The writing is already on the wall. This world wants a fully branchless experience. It wants access to any financial service or product, whenever it pleases as it does not expect to have its choice limited by any single provider. Finally, it wants value out of every interaction. We live these values as well. That’s why we know we’ll be successful with this emerging generation of businesses.

Comfable – Toronto, ON

Comfable is a Toronto-based startup developing products to promote overall health and wellness. With their latest product, QSun They aim to help people protect themselves from dangerous UV rays while maintaining healthy vitamin D levels. QSun, the sun safety wearable tracks sun exposure, and the companion app notifies users when and how to protect themselves from sun damage. And soon, how much vitamin D they have produced from sun exposure.

We have shipped 2000 units of the device to our early customer. We have raised $230K and generated $65K revenue. Our app has been downloaded almost 10,000 times. We expect this number increase since the weather is getting warm. The QSun app is now one of the top 3 most searched “Sun Safety” and “Sunscreen” apps on the App Store and Google Play. Based on the great feedback we got from our customer and also for optimizing manufacturing processes, are developing the second gen

We have a strong Japanese distributor and would like to form a similar relationship in North America. We are forming partnerships with health insurance companies and manufacturers of sun-care products.

Drs. Neda Ghazi and Dr. Ali Monam, the co-founders have developed several projects during their 10 years of collaboration.They both have extensive backgrounds in academia through completing their PhDs and postdoctoral. We have great advisory team and brought together a team of diverse professionals. QSun is supported by IRAP, OCE, and MaRS Innovation Center.

Tunedly -Charlottetown, PEI & New York City, NY

Tunedly connects anyone to the world’s best session musicians to create beautiful music online. Music creators can produce full songs with multiple instruments or simply add one missing piece to their work. All session musicians are vetted and have significant awards (many Grammy Award winners) or are highly educated in their instrument (degrees from Berkley College of Music or Julliard). The integrated collaboration tool combines features from Dropbox, Slack and Skype, optimized for musicians. It’s easy to share notes, hear work in progress or even video chat to jam live. Tunedly provides an almost physical recording studio like experience from the comfort of your home and lets anyone create professional music with live instruments, more conveniently and more affordable than ever before.

“…Tunedly may well represent the future of the recording industry…” David Geer – The Next Web
“…That is a really GREAT idea .. very smart…” Martin Dodd – MXM Records (Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Usher)

Quanovate – San Fransisco, CA

Quanovate creates an IOT home health testing platform, focusing on fertility and pregnancy.

The product is FDA cleared, with production on the way. We have a team of 25 employees, and a 11,000 ft2 GMP, which meets ISO 13485. The product is clinically validated. 14 patents were filed. The US sales will start in Q3 2017. The China sales will start in 2018.

CEO has PhD in Biophysics. He worked in a biotech company winch was acquired by BMS. COO has MS from Columbia and MBA from Cornell. She is the business director in a fortune 500 Life Science company, running a business unit of $70M global P&L.

Due to advanced maternal age, unhealthy life style, and high healthcare cost, difficult to get pregnant and high risk pregnancy are rising concerns in the US and China.

Quantitative ovulation prediction, personalized health insights, automatic tracking, telemedicine service, and fetal health monitoring are Quanovate’s top value propositions to address the unmet needs. We target the pregnancy journey by providing high accuracy quantitative (all existing solutions are qualitative) ovulation prediction and fetal health monitoring such as early notification of miscarriage at home. AI learns the personalized cycle variability which reaches high cycle prediction accuracy and automatic long term tracking, and remote doctors answer patients questions in a personalized way on time.

Main revenue streams come from consumer product sales, data sales, and telemedicine.

The highly expandable biomarkers create the new business model combining IVD and telemedicine.


The Hive – Rochester, NY

The Hive creates a unique way to deal with food storage on campus. It is able to securely store ones food in a ID authentication system that is linked to a specific pod in our Hive unit. The Hive gives its consumers the peace of mind and access to drop it off at a central location on their campus at their convenience. We are the first to find an appropriate solution to benefit not only a segment of the school population that is interested in bringing their own food to campus but, the University/places of business in providing a convenient service for its workforce. We are the answer to a market gap that hasn’t evolved since the lunchbox.

We are looking to expand to different markets such as hospitals, hostels, grocery stores as well as implementing our product to retailers.The Hive is the leading personal-sized refrigeration compartment company in its industry. We are the first to break into this market and set the standard. We are the first to find an appropriate solution to benefit not only a segment of the commuter population but industries wishing to cut down waiting time and benefit their customers.