Startup World Championship Winners

Here are some of the champions from Startup World Championships 2019! They will represent their respective cities of origin at Startupfest in Montreal.

Gym Nomad

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Think of Gym Nomad like the AirBnb of fitness, where a traveller can book a gym like they would a hotel.

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From MMA to meditation, we’ve created a fitness marketplace where a traveller can quickly and conveniently find a local gym, book a membership for the precise time they are visiting, and be training in moments. We’re challenging existing pricing models to create a mutually beneficial platform for the traveller to avoid the excessively priced Day Pass rates, and for the gym to access a supplementary revenue stream where they collect at a rate of about 80% more than that of their local members. Completely bootstrapped, Gym Nomad has been growing at an average of 15-20% MoM and now expanding to more cities in Europe.


Barcelona, Spain

We transform the skier experience. Nowadays, we have the biggest skiers apps network and we are leaders in the ski industry offering cutting-edge technology digital solution.


Paris, France

Arteïa is a platform for artists and art collectors, enhanced by the blockchain to provide immutable provenance for art, collector matching algorithms and track and trace for lending artworks. Our goal is to boost trust and efficiency of the art market with blockchain and AI, empowering all actors and promoting collaboration. Our first product is Arteïa Collect, a SaaS for art collectors, artists and art professionals for cataloguing and managing their artwork.

Automation for Humanity

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Who will care for you and your loved ones???  Based in Hong Kong, Automation for Humanity is slashing caregiving labour & costs through patented low-cost robots and automated devices.

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We provide the only automated solution that significantly removes the need for 3rd party assistance in 3 of the 5 critical ADLs: Bathing, Functional mobility and toileting – all at a fraction of the cost of current long-term care options!

Sit & Shower (1st device), our award-winning automated bathing solution, was recently launched in Hong Kong, selected for local government subsidy and found to reduce labour costs in bathing by 50% amongst early hospital and long-term care customers. This solution launches in Sweden, Singapore and China later this summer.

Devices under development include those to automatically transfer people from a bed to self-driving wheelchair and automatically bring them to a toilet – all operable with voice control and without the need for assistance! Prototypes were demoed to senior Hong Kong government officials in late 2018; while occupational therapists estimate it may save them over 1/3 of their work alone!!!


New York, USA

See how clothes fit and look on you before you buy online! Perfitly is an AR/VR fit visualization & size recommendation platform that shows shoppers how clothes will fit and look on them before they buy online and in-store. Perfitly combines an accurate avatar of the shopper with accurate virtual garments to show accurate 3D visualization on any device. Perfitly’s brand partners have reduced returns from 28% to 10%, and increased sales from 4% to 7%.


London, United Kingdom

Itoma 3D Tech has a Vision to simplify 3D Modelling & 3D Printing, using deep-tech like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Voice Technology, making it easy, fast & affordable “at a single touch of a button” and ultimately – at our customer’s voice command to 3D Model using voice, see it exactly as you want it and then finally – 3D Print projects, dreams or ideas.

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In short – Itoma will make 3D Technology pass “mother”, “child”, “father” and even “grandmother” test while at the same time opening it to the less digitised B2B industries.

While big Vision can change the lives of Billions, let’s start with Millions: Itoma 3D Tech currently focuses on B2B Architecture & Construction where they tackle the problem of miscommunication (which costs just in US & UK: £177 Billion & over $16 Billion year-on-year respectively) between parties through simple 3D digital & physical Visualisations in full Colour.

Itoma 3D Tech has developed a manual solution to those problems and now fundraises to digitise this solution to reduce time & cost by 10 & also looks for Architecture & Construction network in UK, US, Canada & then globally to roll it out with customers.

Itoma 3D Tech: If you can say it – you can 3D Model & then 3D Print it.


Shanghai, China

Screea is a universal cashback loyalty APP where users can save money by earning and spending cashback points within our global ecosystem, both online and offline.


Silicon Valley, USA

ZaiNar locates radio devices (phones, cars, drones, IoT, etc.) in 3D with sub-meter accuracy using signals emitted during normal operation without retrofitting or battery drain. ZaiNar location is powered by our patented ability to synchronize and distribute network time to sub-nanosecond. This unique approach affordably solves unmet needs like tracking phones indoors and in dense cities, tracking cars without line of sight, and tracking assets using IoT devices in dynamic industrial environments.


Singapore, Singapore

Skilio is a personal development platform that enables students to measure and track their soft skills competencies in the group experiences that they do in school. Skilio translates students’ interactions within a group into meaningful data points to enhance soft skills development in students. 

Customer Success

Toronto, Canada

Customer Success (CS) is about setting up customers to succeed, supporting them every step of the way, helping them overcome challenges, and celebrating their wins. CS in Focus applies this same mentality to CS professionals.

It is an organization committed to building a strong Customer Success community through events, resource-development, an active Slack team, and career development opportunities.


Vancouver, Canada

Labora is a social enterprise which offers, through a two-sided service platform, a reliable experience to solving the lack of proper assistance to Seasonal Agricultural Foreign Workers and Farmers, by providing matching, consulting and financial value.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Clanz is a revolutionary, AI-based solution that monitors the audio of the daily routine within caregiving environments, in order to detect and prevent abuse of the elderly, children, and persons with disabilities.

Our solution is the first fully automated monitoring system capable of detecting both physical and mental abuse, without compromising privacy.


Los Angeles, USA

UAV-IQ, which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Intelligence, is an agriculture technology company that leverages deep experience in drone operations and precision agriculture to develop and scale solutions for growers of high-value agriculture. It provides crop health monitoring, field & task management mobile applications and just introduced a revolutionary service using drones to release beneficial insects to control pest populations as an effective alternative to pesticides.